Italy’s New Gem


Gemma Di Luna is perfect for today’s Millennials who want a  sparkling Moscato with lower alcohol levels. Because Millennial drinkers look for originality and personality in their wine choices, it’s evocative brand name and the beautifully distinctive blue bottles are designed to speak directly to them. Gemma Di Luna is refreshingly sweet and bursting with flavor which will captivate the female wine consumer.


It’s teal blue bottle, pearlescent white capsule enriched by diamond effect can be perfectly paired with any wedding or formal occasion.



Sparkling Moscato

Sparkling Moscato

100% Moscato/Piemonte

Lusciously sweet and full of concentrated flavor balanced by vibrant acidity this sparkler is perfect on its own or paired with desserts made from fruits such as nectarines, peaches or apples.

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