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A visionary project celebrating authentic Italian farmers and winemaking.


To the farmers who grow grapes for our authentic Farmers Of Wine Italian Red Blend, their vines are their lives. Their hands weave a story that spans generations, while their traditional methods and the rich cultural heritage of Puglia in southern Italy are reflected in each and every bottle.
Farmers Of Wine is crafted from grapes grown by authentic family farmers in Salento, a region rich in history and culture located on a sub-peninsula between two seas in the sunny southern Italian region of Puglia. The hot climate, persistent sun and occasional sea breezes create a near perfect climate for viticulture.

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Meet the Farmers of Farmers of Wine


“I’ve handed all my knowledge down to my children, but there is no time to retire from being a farmer, there is always something to do on the land.”


Italian Red Blend

Italian Red Blend

50% Primitivo (Zinfandel) – 50% Negroamaro/Salento (Puglia)

Indigenous to the region, Negroamaro and Zinfandel epitomize the essence of Puglia where these varietals have been cultivated for millennia. Our farmers use the iconic alberello, or “little tree”, trellising system to ensure the vines yield fruit of the highest quality in the hot Mediterranean climate. The wine is a deep ruby color with intense bright aromas, a fruity flowery bouquet and a fat jammy mouth-filling character with balanced sweetness and acidity.

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