Emporium Appassimento


Emporium Appassimento comes from the extraordinary land of Salento in Puglia, a southern Italian region rich in history and culture, and is crafted only from autochthonous varietals. For Emporium, during harvest, the best grapes are selected to remain on the vine for an extended maturation period. This late-harvest process, called “rasinate” meaning to dry and shrivel, concentrates the taste and aromas of the grapes prior to vinification to create a wine with a superb bouquet and flavor.


Premium Red Blend

Premium Red Blend

50% Primitivo/50% Negroamaro

Emporium boosts an intense bouquet, with notes of ripe fruit and jam, spices, and light tobacco. The wine is ample, smooth and full bodied with a long lasting finish and hints of cherry jam.

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